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If you owned the Samsung Galaxy S4, you’re entitled to some cold, hard cash

By: in Mobile & TabsOctober 4, 2019

We never thought we’d be writing regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4 once more — however Samsung has simply settled a proceedings over false benchmarks on the currently six-year-old device. The proceedings was settled for $13.4 million.
According to The Register, the proceedings was initial filed in Nov 2014 by Daniel Norcia, when it had been found that Samsung was by artificial means inflating benchmark scores by introducing code that detected once benchmarks were running so overclocking the Qualcomm snapdragon 600 processor speed to 532MHz, rather than the 480MHz that the processor usually ran at.

Samsung never denied that it inflated benchmark scores, instead taking a unique approach. the corporate argued that below california law, it absolutely was not “legally obliged” to disclose that the phone was got wind of to inflate scores. Instead, the corporate argued that solely security problems and knowledge breaches ought to be disclosed to the general public. The case created its approach all the high to the Supreme Court, and was set to go to trial before Samsung finally settled for $13.4 million.

As a part of the settlement, Samsung has in agreement to not inflate code that by artificial means will increase benchmark tests — however apparently, it solely in agreement to try and do thus till 2024. Not solely that, however the corporate isn’t needed to admit any wrongdoing.

$7,500 of that $13.4 million will go to Daniel Norcia, while $10.6 million are within the type of injunctive relief. the other $2.8 million goes on to the settlement fund — which suggests if you had a Galaxy S4, you’re entitled to some money. Around ten million individuals bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 within the U.S.

There is some disagreement on whether or not Samsung did something wrong. Some argue that benchmark take a look ats ought to test the theoretical most performance, instead of real-world performance. Still, for most, benchmarks are thought of an indicator of real-world performance, instead of a performance that the typical person can never reach.

Instructions on a way to claim $10 for yourself, if you’re a Galaxy S4 owner, aren’t offered nonetheless — however an email ought to create it to your inbox with those directions shortly. If you not use the e-mail address you had at the time of owning the Galaxy S4, it’s apparently suggested to get USA nowadays on Mondays, as directions can eventually show up within the Legal Notices or cash section of the paper, consistent with The Register.

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